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Twelve years ago, a group of friends sat down at a neighbourhood barbeque to catch up on old times. We looked back on the years we had spent together and told stories as we shared a meal together. Eventually, we began discussing the idea of starting a business. This wasn’t anything new. Each of us had an entrepreneurial spirit. A couple of us had even started small local business as side projects to our regular jobs.

The idea of opening a business together was something we talked about every now and then, but the timing had never seemed right. We realized that the timing had always been right; we were just looking at things the wrong way.We didn’t need the stars to align in some particular way.All we needed was dogged determination and passion. We had both. We knew we wanted to be a part of the automotive industry because we had a passion for cars. As children, we learned about cars from our paren'ts, each other, and our own curiosity. We often got together on weekends and spent hours dismantling and rebuilding old engines.As teenagers, we funded many road trips by spending our weekends washing and detailing our neighbor’s cars. Many of our first jobs were at local used car lots. Our passion for cars is still strong today.

We wanted to set ourselves apart from car dealerships and local used car lots. So we asked ourselves: How can we make selling a car easier for someone who isn’t a car salesman? One of our founders had a brilliant idea, and soon we were setting the wheels in motion to making our dream a reality. The company we created answers the question of making selling a car easy by making selling a car simple and fast. We realized that if we were able to figure out the value of your car, we could buy it from you without you having to wait for us to find it a permanent home. Our expertise and experience in the automotive industry made us feel confident in our ability to do just that. We decided that we would offer our customers a quick quote and on-the-spot purchases of their vehicles.

Then we wondered: What else could make the experience better for our customers?The answer was simple: Make it convenient by picking up their car. Convenience is important to anyone this day and age. Busy schedules at work and home often mean that people have difficulty taking the time to drop off a car at a stationary car lot, never mind arranging for someone else to drive them back home.